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Articles of Yerevanstyle

Articles that commit to the personal development of our readers


YerevanStyle is an online news portal that attracts international attention. We publish the latest trends in the fields of entertainment, design, fashion, religion, entrepreneurship, travel, lifestyle, culture and many other exciting subjects. YerevanStyle reaches more than thousands of people on a daily basis all around the world. The visitors vary from 18 to 45 years and are spread all over Europe, Usa, Australia and the Slavic countries.

Our YS members

Yerevanstyle is made possible by our wonderful YS team. With an enthusiastic group of workers, we take care of interesting news, interviews and video’s every single day. Do you think your talents can reinforce our team? Send us your motivation and resume to:


Yerevanstyle also characterizes itself by upholding a flexible co-operation with different parties. We work together with schools, celebrities, institutes, associations, etc. Our partners do their work both internationally and locally. Do you have an interesting proposal for working together Be sure to contact us!

About our team

Meet the people that make Yerevanstyle possible!

Suren Sahakyan


Mary Hovhannisyan


Karo Hovakimyan

Sport Commentator

Ruzanna Gyunashyan

Social Media Coordinator

Margarit Khachatryan


Anna Barseghyan


Tamara Avanesyan


Mariam Petrosyan


Garik Hakopian

Mobile App Developer

Sona Vardanyan


Hrayr Ghulinyan


Anna Sargsyan


Lilit Danielyan


Ani Chilingaryan


Liana Grigoryan


Ruben Karoyan



Karen Hakopian


Four pillars

All articles on Yerevanstyle are based on at least one of these four pillars:


We publish information which provides our visitors with new inspiration. We believe in making inspirational publications accessible to the youth especially.



Motivation is extremely important as it is the motor that keeps us all running! Our goal is to motivate our readers by feeding them with a satisfactory dose of positive news!



Intelligence is the source of progress! We strive to create a platform where educational publications are made accessible.



By offering a steady dose of news on many fields, we wish to give our readers the space they need to develop their own identity, completely fit to match his or her lives.


Publishing daily news articles and thereby playing a role in the positive development of motivation, intelligence, inspiration and development of our visitors.


Providing the world with positive news in order to help people develop their individual identity by putting value on someone else’s identity and utilizing that to benefit this world.


Create employment from Europe onto countries outside its borders, enabling fortune-hunters to find happiness in their own countries.

Contributing to the development of youths who find themselves without options to develop.

Co-operation with Yerevanstyle

Yerevanstyle for your organisation

Yerevanstyle has the capacity to represent your organization, product or company on an international plain. To ensure the highest efficiency we make sure that your company is in the spotlight continuously through many creative methods, such as: writing and publishing articles on your company with regularity and developing video material which is accessible online in different languages. Revenue shall be used for creating employment and investing in further development of Yerevanstyle.


Your advantages

Yerevanstyle works together with authors who know their environment like no other. These writers bring your product, organization, foundation, city or company closer to your target audience. In addition, our publications will be frequently posted on popular social media like Facebook and Odnoklassniki. This ensures that your target audience hears your message every day!



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